HUL Pureit Marvella Slim RO Water Purifier Review

At a Glance

+ Small and compact
+ Alerts you before filters need replacement
+ Multiple layers of filtration
+ Tastes like packaged water

- High water wastage
- Costly to maintain

HUL Pureit Marvella Slim RO Water Purifier

HUL Pureit Marvella Slim RO Water Purifier

We reviewed the HUL Pureit Marvella Slim RO Water Purifier recently and think it's the best bang-for-your-buck plain RO solution this year. Let's check it out in detail.

Compact but feature-filled

The HUL Pureit Marvella Slim RO Water Purifier offers a very compact (hence the 'Slim' branding) housing that contains quite a lot under the hood.

While most RO filtration systems use a single tiny membrane filter, HUL has included their proprietary 6-stage filter. This includes:

With all these filters in place, the HUL Pureit Marvella Slim RO Water Purifier is quite the little wonder.

The tank can store 4 litres of water but from our experience with the product, around 3 litres of the water is drinkable at a time.

The flow-rate is very nice, able to easily take 10 - 12 litres in one go and filtering the water. We were very impressed by this.

There's also an "Advanced Alert System" which activates whenever a filter is about to complete it's usefulness. This way, we didn't need to bother inspecting the filters manually or worry about drinking impure water unexpectedly.

The build quality of the tap is good too, and it did not loosen even after some furious opening-and-closing.

Installation and maintenance

As explained above, we were very happy with the filtration technology underneath the HUL Pureit Marvella Slim RO Water Purifier.

What bothered us a bit was the installation process as it can take a while to set-up the device.

There are also extra modules that can be installed for a cost, such as a pressure controller. These are optional, of course, so there's no need to worry about them as the basic installation of the device is free.

Maintenance costs of the parts and filters are high, although we did not have to replace any parts during our tests. But from our research, we found that the costs for each filter can go well into the high 1000s.

You can read more about water purifier maintenance here.

Final notes

The water tastes great when drinking from HUL Pureit Marvella Slim RO Water Purifier! There was definitely a bottled-water quality to the purified water we drank. This makes sense given the multiple stages of filtering that is in the device.

There was a tiny leakage from our unit as well, but we've mentioned before in our reviews that this is a trend we notice in most water purifiers these days.

Our Verdict: HUL Pureit Marvella Slim RO Water Purifier - Recommended

The HUL Pureit Marvella Slim RO Water Purifier is a very good and complete RO water filtration system. Despite the few flaws, the amount of technology that goes into ensuring clean drinking water is amazing and works brilliantly!

If you're looking for an RO solution that is affordable and doesn't use too much power, wait no longer as this is our top-rated RO water purifier in India for this year.

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