Kent Gold Optima 10-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier Review

At a Glance

+ Easy to install
+ Extra accessories included
+ Easy to clean
+ 1 year warranty

- Actual water capacity less
- No warranty on filters

Kent Gold Optima 10-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier

Kent Gold Optima 10-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier

When portability is a primary concern, the Kent Gold Optima 10-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier does a good job.

We reviewed it and found the following reasons for why we think this is the best gravity-based purifier for this year.

Watch a demo of the product below:

Simplicity is key

One look at the Kent Gold Optima 10-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier and you know exactly what you're getting.

It follows a simple design, like an inverted water bottle, so it's definitely not winning awards in that department.

We were impressed with this design choice, since more complicated designs usually result in a heavier product. Portability was clearly in their minds when developing this.

The tank is made of transparent food-grade plastic that supports 10 litres of water.

Read more about food-grade plastic and contact materials.

Now here comes the catch - you only get 5 litres of purified water to drink with the Kent Gold Optima 10-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier. 

It's understandable that half the capacity in these water purifiers are for raw water. However, we think they could've marketed it more consumer-friendly as many people will buy the device expecting 10 litres of purified water.

Cleaner drinking water

The Kent Gold Optima 10-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier works without electricity, so this is not a full-fledged solution to your filtration needs.

It offers very good portability and is an affordable alternative to bigger, more effective devices such as the Kent Grand 8-Litre Wall Mountable RO+UV+UF+TDS Water Purifier

The only filters that come with this water purifier are a carbon/sediment filter and a UF filter that handles up to 4000 litres of water through it before wearing off (a claim we haven't finished testing yet).

Our recommendation is to use this device only with tap water. It would be best not to use any other kind of water source that might be contaminated with germs or hard chemicals as this device lacks the filters needed to purify those. Please follow our guide to choosing the right water purifier if you're interested in purifying other water sources.


The package came in a neat box, complete with a detailed instruction manual and many accessories. These included the different filters, as well as 4 filter cartridges for later use. Assembly was very simple and we had the device ready in a few minutes.

We did not, however, find any stand included with our model so that's something to keep in mind before you buy the device.

Some concerns..

Such a simple product did not come without its share of problems, unfortunately.

The membrane was leaking water every couple of seconds, although this is something we've noticed on other water purifiers as well. This is a common issue, as we've learned from others who've purchased the product.

After many uses of the device, it became difficult to pump water through the purifier. We then resorted to manually cleaning the filter by pumping water through it after opening the tank. Hopefully, this shouldn't be a recurring issue and may have been caused by the repeated tests.

Our Verdict: Kent Gold Optima 10-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier - Recommended

As far as portability goes, we think the Kent Gold Optima 10-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier is a clear winner. The simplicity of the design makes cleaning the device easy, as well as reducing the need for other kinds of maintenance.

If tap water is your primary source at home or office, we'd recommend this to do a great job at providing a cleaner drinking water experience.

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